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About Us

Our Mission
To enlighten and educate the public, industry professionals and policymakers about design, construction and maintenance practices for environmentally sustainable living, inspiring them to action.

What We Do
Our focus is building a network of resources that will connect consumers, businesses, educators, and non-profits in ways that encourage and enable progress towards sustainability. This network, available through our Resource Library and Enviro-Economic Consulting services, will help each person devise his or her own road map towards a sustainable life.

Green Resource Library and eLibrary
Both the physical Resource Center and the eLibary will connect people to the information they need to accomplish their personal goals of sustainability- whether that means products for renovating your home or service providers for greening your office, we can show you where to find the resources you need. Many thanks to
HKW Associates for their creativity in designing our center. Click here to see the plans.

Enviro Economic Consulting   
The GRCA can answer your questions on green products or services, talk to you about your sustainability quandaries, or provide speakers and workshops for your club or business group. These are some of the consulting services that are free for members.

We also want to make enviro-economic solutions available to populations that could not otherwise afford it or have access to it. You can sponsor enviro-economic consulting for your school, club, or favorite nonprofit, or offer to sponsor one of the many equests that 
we receive from these types of organizations.


Some examples of how we are connecting green dots in Alabama:

UCP Recycling Partnership The GRCA is working with United Cerebral Palsy                    Enterprises to establish recycling programs at venues, businesses and events throughout Birmingham.

Alabamas 'Green Jobs' Initiative
The federal government has made available money to fund training in low-income areas for “green collar jobs.” The GRCA has taken the lead in Alabama in helping demystify the meaning of green jobs and identifying job opportunities in the state. If you would like to invest in, or learn more about this initiative, please contact us.

Sustainable Affordable Housing Initiatve
Recognized as an official
HUD Energy Partner, the Green Resource Center for Alabama would like to work in underprivileged areas to help create healthier, more efficient communities.


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