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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the GRCA?

To enlighten and educate the public, industry professionals and policymakers about design, construction and maintenance practices for environmentally sustainable living--inspiring them to action.

What does the GRCA actually do?

The GRCA helps community members make sense of the growing spectrum of “green” options by: Serving as a clearinghouse where people and organizations receive comprehensible information and sensible solutions regarding: energy efficiency and creating healthier homes, offices and landscapes while reducing their impact on the environment. Offering programs and events that bring together people interested in sustainable living, development, and design. Presenting ideas to community leaders and policymakers that help protect and conserve Alabama’s natural resources.

Who does the GRCA serve?

Homeowners and Businesses: We provide information and access to resources to help homeowners and businesses make decisions regarding how to live and work in a more eco-friendly manner. Planning, construction, and maintenance professionals: We provide information, programs, and a network to inspire, inform, and educate design professionals at all levels of expertise. Policy makers: Using case studies and research, we show the value of going “green”- ways in which a community, town, or city can save money and natural resources. GRCA also provides resources to help incorporate sustainable practices into local policies –and helps identify entities to support implementation of these policies.

How is the GRCA different than other "green" organizations?

The GRCA not only provides hands-on solutions to a broad spectrum of green issues, it also is designed and maintained to connect people with other organizations and entities. By coming to the GRCA, a person will be put in touch with the best resources to address their sustainability questions.

Is the GRCA a non-profit organization?

When was it formed? Yes, we are a 501(c) (3) Alabama corporation and, as such, all gifts or donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Legally and formally, the GRCA held its formational Board meeting in April of 2007 and incorporated in July of 2007.

How was the GRCA started? 

Scott A. Walton purchased and remodeled a building in Homewood, Alabama. He decided to apply for Leadership in Education and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. He contacted Todd Steadman as a friend, consultant, and roof garden designer to advise on the project. Well into the project, the two of them were remarking at how good it would be if more people utilized information and resources to “build green,” but they recognized that “building green” can be more confusing and difficult than it needs to be. They decided to create an organization to address these issues. After several months and iterations they approached Paul Kennedy (at Cahaba Warrior Coosa Resource Conservation & Development Council (CAWACO) at the time) who served as a vital catalyst and the person early on who validated the concept with much experience and many citywide connections to call upon. From there, the full Board was formed and the GRCA began its work.

Who runs the GRCA?

The GRCA is run by a Board of Directors and governed by a set of by-laws administered by the Board. The Board is made up of business and community leaders, architects, and designers. We also rely on our Advisory Council.

What is the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council is comprised of GRCA members representing environmental agencies, schools and universities, builders and contractors, designers and architects, like-missioned NGO's, and virtually every sector of our community. This dynamic group connects the GRCA with the people and resources necessary for the Center to succeed. It also provides leadership for various GRCA committees, participates in programs, and generally and actively supports the GRCA. Members of the Advisory Council will be posted on the website in the near future.

How is the GRCA funded?

The GRCA is funded through five primary sources: Grants Private and Corporate Gifts Memberships Program Registration Fees for Service  


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