2013 GRCA Brown Bag Lunch and Learns
Birmingham Botanical Gardens Auditorium
Wednesday, July 24
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Free and open to the public. Drinks and dessert provided.

Big Ideas for Small Spaces July 24, Auditorium
Learn how container gardening and composting with worms are ideal for cramped locations. Instructor: Vasha Rosenblum

Each household that attends a Lunch & Learn receives a free first aid kit provided by Forrestry Suppliers and Tecnu (a $60 value).


From Soil to Supper, Homesteading the Dinner Plate August 21, Auditorium
Find out how easy and nutritious it is going back to the basics to prepare a delicious meal for your family.  Instructor: Jennifer Coleconn, The Farmhouse

Turning up the Heat on Weed and Pest Control September 25, Auditorium
This seminar is sure to be steamy hot when you are told to put down the chemicals and open your mind to a new method of ridding your landscape of some hard to manage plants (privet and kudzu) as well as undesired pests.  Instructor: Randy Tipton, Action Environmental


June 13
Creating a sustainable landscape plan for lawns/gardens (existing or planned) including how to design your space and how to choose your plants
Andy Portera, Portera Landscape Design, LLC

June 27
The case for using native plants in your landscapes; learn why there is such a robust interest in the use of native plants
John Manion, Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator, Birmingham Botanical Gardens

July 11
Rainwater harvesting and reuse
A. Dealing with water in your landscape with rain barrels and gardens
Sallie Lee, Jefferson County Extension Agent, ACES
B. Rainwater catchment and greywater reuse
Scott Kubiszyn, Nature’s Tap

July 25
Turning your kitchen waste and yard debris into nutrient rich materials to add to your soil that will enhance your lawn and garden
A. How to create a compost pile and what to add
B. How to use vermiculture to cut down on your household waste while creating a nutritious free additive for your lawn and garden
Vasha Rosenblum

August 8
Sustainable Management for Turf, Trees and Shrubs
Learn the timing and techniques needed to maintain your landscape!
Fred Kapp, Education Director, Alabama Green Industry Training Center

August 22
Urban Forestry
a. Learn how to choose the proper location, variety, planting and care of trees either for replacing trees lost or damaged by storms or adding new ones to your landscape
Matt McCullough, Clifford Hawkins, Urban Forestry Coordinator
Alabama Forestry Commission

January 23
 To Prune or Not to Prune?
Learn about the correct way and right time of year to prune and fertilize your plants and trees.
Instructor: Fred Spicer, Executive Director, Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, February 13
Spring into Cleaning with Recycling
From purchase to purge, identify free disposal methods for many household items and discover how to reduce the amount of daily waste you generate.
Instructor: Dana Gray, Jefferson County Household Cooking Oil & Grease Recycling Program
Instructor: Alan Gurganus, Recycling Director, Alabama Environmental Council

Wednesday, March 27
Four-Legged Gardening

Discover how to create a safe space for pets by learning the difference between pet-friendly and unfriendly plants.
Instructors: Sallie Lee, Jefferson County Extension Agent, ACES and Dr. Beth Taylor, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Wednesday, April 17
Go Native with 21st Century Landscaping
See how you can bring innovative mobile technology to your front door with an emphasis on native plants.
Instructor: Andrew Cole-Tyson, (mobile)land & garden design

Mild to Wild in
Find out how to travel with sustainability in mind to some of Alabama’s most beautiful destinations. Instructor: Jay Grantland, Alabama Eco Adventures   http://alabamaecoadventures.com/AEAGallery.php

Sustainability Discussion Courses

We have become a partner with the Northwest Earth Institute, and are excited to offer their unique discussion courses on sustainability.

There are several different topics available, ranging from 5 to 8 sessions each.  The classes work best in groups from 8 to 12 people, and the only cost for the class is the $20-$35 course booklets.  If you would like to start a group, we can help.

Contact us at and a volunteer will get in touch with you about the details.  Also, visit the Northwest Earth Institute’s website www.nwei.org to learn more about the courses, and to purchase books.

To order your course booklet click here and when prompted to select which organization you are affiliated or referred by please remember to select the Green Resource Center for Alabama.