Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast- May 21st

by Andy

Join us for the 2nd annual Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast at the Regions Center Plaza (5th Ave. North and 20th Street) on Friday May 21st from 7:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. The breakfast is a stop along Commutesmart and the Regional Planning Commission’s bike tour for National Bike to Work Day. You can buy your $10 breakfast tickets at our link here.  Click here for a route map for the tour.

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Willie Wright
May 17th, 2010

Why don’t you get Birmingham and other municipalities in Jefferson County to put in bike lanes!!! I participate in the Commute Smart Program and carpool but would rather ride to work for the exercise. I live in Center Point/Clay area and have ridden to work many times (13 miles one way). The biggest problem I have is there are no bike lanes which make commuting a dangerous undertaking. 1st Avenue is the link that connects commuters to downtown from the eastern side of town and it needs a bike lane. I tried the last two times while the city repaved it to get bike lanes but no one will listen. There are other links that need bike lanes also like Green Springs Highway and many others. Another problem is secure parking for commuter bikes that can cost thousands. I tried to get someone from Jefferson County to provide a secure bike parking lot with no luck. Until government agencies take ”Going Green” serious we’re just kidding ourselves. Maybe you could have better luck. Thanks Willie