Board of Directors

Scott Kubiszyn, Nature’s Tap (President)
Julie Danley, Creative Montessori Schools (Vice-President)
Declan Yearwood, Sustain Building Group (Treasurer)
Becky Rogers, Clarus Consulting Group (Secretary)
Ravi Chhabra, Life Coach
Colin Coyne, The Coyne Group
J.D. Conley
, Sidewalk Film Festival
Chris Lewis
, L&S Enterprises
Susan Lineberry Barron
, KPS Group
Tom Maxwell, Regional Planning Commission
Kris Nikolich
, Design Initiative
Andrew Olds
, Fuller Thompson Olds Architects
Tabetha Reyes
, Energy Potential
Sharrif Simmons
, Musician/Poet
Robert Stackpole, U.S. Department of Commerce
Scott Walton, S. Andrew Walton Investment Planning
Chris Williams, Maynard Cooper & Gale